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Publishing Policies


Submitted articles to Tobruk University Journal of Engineering, will be taken to imply that the manuscript has not already been published or submitted elsewhere. The Journal has a rigorous peer review process including the use of different Plagiarism Checking Software systems to check the originality, similarity, and validity of the submitted article.

If a similar or related work has been published or submitted elsewhere, then you must provide  a copy of the submitted manuscript.

You may not submit your manuscript elsewhere while it is under consideration at the TUJES journal.

Peer Review Process

Th submitted article will be reviewed by two to three reviewers. The names and affiliations of the authors are kept unknown to the reviewers, on the other side, the names of the reviewers will be removed from the reviewers’ report sent to the authors.  The acceptance decision for  the reviewed article will be made by the journal’s Editors in dependence of the reports of the reviewers and in some cases, consultation with members of the Editorial Board will be necessary.

TUJES reserves the right to reject a paper even after it has been accepted if it becomes apparent that there are serious problems with its scientific content, or the publishing policies have been violated.

All efforts are made to expedite the peer review process leading to timely publication. For appeals and complaints, the editorial decisions are not reverted.


All articles are freely available and immediately accessible online upon publication. This journal is an open access journal which means that all published articles are free of access charges or other barriers.

Authors who publish in Tobruk University Journal of Engineering Sciences retain copyright to their work.

Accepted articles will be published in PDF format on the website of the journal.

Corresponding Author’s Responsibilities

Tobruk University Journal of Engineering Sciences regards the corresponding author as the point of contact for queries about the published paper. It is this author’s responsibility to  inform all co-authors of matters arising and to ensure such matters are dealt with promptly. After acceptance, the proof is sent to the corresponding author, the corresponding author is responsible for the accuracy of all content in the proof, in particular, that names of co-authors are present and correctly spelled, and addresses and affiliations are current.